Our 4 Mantras

We want to give the consumer, an experience and not just another beer.
In order to fulfil this we:
– Design our beers around a story we want to tell
– Aim for the highest possible quality
– Live and breath our company values
– Stay in touch with our customers

“Bold is old” – We aim for balance and drinkability.

– Our beers are brewed to be drunk by happy people – not to be collected nor to be a subject of trends.

– We dont mind crazy and creative beers but the focus should always be on balance and drinkability.

– We prefer fine small details instead of bold explosions.

We always aim for the highest possible quality in our beers.
With high-quality we mean:
– No compromises with ingredients – always select best available quality
– No shortcuts in the brewing process
– Quality over profit
– Focus on the complete chain from brewery to consumer
– The consumer gives the final verdict about quality

As far as possible we want to change the world into a better place with beer.
We do that by:
– Getting people across different nationalities and cultures together with beer.
– Encourage that high-quality beer is best enjoyed in a healthy and strong body and spirit.
– As far as possible using sustainable energy and materials for our production.

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